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Last night I dreamt I was looking into the face of a very beautiful woman (I can hear you sighing and rolling your eyes, but I did!). I felt as if I was falling into her beauty, becoming obsessed with it. She looked at me and simply acknowledged my gaze, without much concern. In the way that deities do. (The proclivities of humanity are of little concern to them, given that our behaviours and obsessions are shaped by our own mortality). Her simple acknowledgment caused me to step backwards. Instead of being obsessed with my gaze and her beauty, I registered her entire being.


Perhaps the deity was Lakshmi? 

What I saw upon stepping back was a rich array of artefacts, archetypal images and growth that seemed to surround her. Concentric circles of glowing green, and an abundance of otherness that I can’t recall. But it left me with two lasting impressions:

  1. She seemed to be defined by a word – abundance. In excess of the expression of beauty that my own gaze locked onto. I thought of child brith, and the manner in which a woman exceeds her own apparent totality, by producing new life. This is only one form of the deity’s abundance, but one that stayed in my mind.
  2. The reductive nature of the male gaze. By focussing only on the deity’s beauty I was missing the extraordinary array of abundance that surrounded her. An abundance that was as much a part of her, as was her own bodily attributes. It made me think of how a man’s sexual obsessions with a woman reduces her to the content of the male gaze, thereby ignoring the rich growth that exists in excess of the body.

This is not an attempt to reduce women or men to some type of natural order, or stereotypes. It is simply the recounting of a dream. My own unconscious manifestation of the effect of the reductionism of the male gaze. I thought is was interesting enough to share.


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